Samwoo Immersion strives to provide employees with vitalized welfare benefits and a fun in-house culture.

By creating an environment where Samwoo people can work happily, hope you grow up and have a fun experience with Samwoo Immersion!

l  Beyond Cafe & Beyond 25 [ Unlimited drink refrigerator · Wide variety of coffee machines · Premium coffee beans ]

l  Samwoo Refresh [Samwoo Arcade · Hue Cafe · Canopy · Immersion Market ]

l  Samwoo Event In-house events by season [Foundation Day · Year-end Party · Workshop · Immersion Team Meeting Phase · Various Events]

Samwoo's hobby activities

We support the hobby activities of Samwoo people. Samwoo Immersion values the passion and interests of Samwoo people.

To help Samwoo people balance work and life, and achieve better work performance and life values, we provide monthly hobby support fee and opportunities to work together.

Activated gatherings grow into interesting groups in the company, making Samwoo people's lives a little more prosperous.

Welcome Kit

We will give you a welcome kit that is designed to help new employees know how to welcome you. We offer a welcome kit full of our desire to be with you. This kit contains carefully designed notebooks, sentense pens, leather card holders, company T-shirts, and Lego figures. We hope you become Samwoo people through the welcome kit.

Immersion Library

In the Immersion Library, Samwoo people can check books and materials on a variety of subjects, and can receive the desired self-development materials upon request. Samwoo Immersion supports the better growth of Samwoo people at Immersion Library, a storehouse of knowledge and shelter.

Business Model Proposal Compensation System

Samwoo Immersion is implementing a Business Model Proposal Compensation System for all employees.

Through the [Business Model Proposal Compensation System], Samwoo people can propose creative ideas at any time and have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process, thereby increasing their sense of participation and belonging.

  • Date : Regular submission
  • Evaluation : Evaluation according to the SWIM-BM DECK evaluation table
  • Compensation : Provide sufficient rewards and incentives
    1) Selection of general item : Prize money 300,000 won (once a month)
    2) Selection of commercialization item : Annual salary increase of 3,000,000 won starting from the following year (once a year)

Say about Samwoo

Samwoo Immersion's various tasks and activities, and Samwoo people who have experienced welfare benefits, talk directly. Experience the company's interior and culture through interviews!

Immersion Welfare

Organizations that create the best value, organizations that maximize profitability IMMERSION TEAMWORK

Announcement of recruitment of Human Resources

Recruitment Category

Recruitment Division
Common Qualifications

Education: First graduate or higher
Age/Gender: Any
Experience Experience: Any (new applicants are accepted)
Salary: Negotiable after interview

common preference

· Those who are actively engaged in their assigned tasks
· Persons without discrimination by gender · Persons
with no difficulty in group activities · Persons with a
strong spirit of challenge · Persons
who are not disqualified for overseas travel · Persons
with good communication skills

Technical Strategy Office Recruitment of full-time employees


Team belonging to the Technology Strategy Office
■ R&D Development Team: R&D project development and new technology development
 R&D  Team: XR and simulator development  
■ Concept Art Development Team: Concept planning and artwork implementation 
■ Application Mobile Development Team: Mobile and system integration development  
■ Product Planning and Management Team: UI /UX Development and Scenario Planning 
■ Metaverse Platform Team: Web and Metaverse Development  
■ Hardware Production Team: Hardware Development and Maintenance 

Main Tasks 
 · Deeply immerse in one's field to achieve a common goal and work together in a responsible manner We are waiting for the support of many talented people to do so.  

Strategic Planning Office Recruitment of full-time employees

Strategic Planning Office Team
■ Business Planning Team: HR, Labor, General Affairs, Finance, Accounting, Various Business Management
  Public Relations Planning Team: Design, PR Materials, Website Management  
■ Sales Business Team: Overall Business Planning, Technology and Product Sales 
■ Strategic Business Team: Overall education business planning, SWXR CAMPUS (own training center) management   

Main tasks 
 · We are looking for talented individuals with a challenging spirit to pioneer new markets while maintaining the existing environment well. We are waiting for the support of innovative talents who can flexibly respond to rapid changes.  

Working conditions

work type
Converted to a full-time employee after 3 months of probationary period (100% of salary during probationary period)
work date
09:30 ~ 18:30 (break time: 12:30 ~ 13:30) / work 40 hours a week
work area
(48732) Heungkuk Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Busan office building 10th floor (Choryang-dong), 244 Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan - in front of Exit 2 of Choryang Station on Busan Line 1

Recruitment process

Application period & method

Application period
full-time recruitment
How to apply
Submit your application via the Apply button below
resume format
File in pdf format within 50 MB
Portfolio form
File in pdf format within 50 MB 

(48732) 10th floor, 244, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan (Choryang-dong, Heungkuk Life Insurance Busan office building)

TEL : 1600-1663 

FAX : 051-977-0302 

 MAIL : 

(48732) 10th floor, 244, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan (Choryang-dong, Heungkuk Life Insurance Busan office building)

TEL : 1600-1663  |  FAX : 051-977-0302  |   MAIL :