Multi-display-based multi-channel synchronization

Multi-display-based multi-channel synchronization 

Synchronization processing between display channels using RPC

Support for synchronization of multiple display channels in the simulator

In order to prevent the screens from being out of sync when making multi-display-based simulators, the natural environment, sea, terrain, and moving objects operated in multi-channels use RPC  technology to resolve the mismatch between multi-display channels. RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is a technology widely used in distributed computing environments as a communication between processes that enables a function or procedure to be executed in a different address space without additional development through a separate remote control.

Samwoo Immersion has implemented a highly immersive simulator through multi-channel synchronization of 7 channels using RPC technology. FMB (Full Mission Bridge Simulator) is a simulator that enables continuous ship operation training in various environments by setting the current and wind strength and direction with equipment of the same scale as the actual equipment. In order to secure a forward view of the vessel and to realize the same environment, a total of 7 channels of camera directions and positions are set based on the center channel in the direction of the vessel’s heading, and the movement, position and natural environment, topography, and objects of the vessel are monitored through the RPC function. Synchronize.

FMB (Full Mission Bridge)

FMB consists of instructor and 7 channels, and 7 channels are composed of clients of Master Server in the same local network. The Instructor can control the natural environment, movement of the ship's position, change of speed, etc., and sends the corresponding control command to FMB (①). Among the 7 channels, the channel in the heading direction of the vessel plays the role of the host, receives commands through UDP communication with the instructor and delivers the commands to the Master Server (②) . The Master Server that receives the command from the Host Client can check the synchronized multi-display screen by executing the 7-channel function at the same time (③) of the command received through the RPC function.

RPC-based channel synchronization system configuration diagram

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