Digital twin technology applied to port control monitoring system

Digital twin technology applied

to port control monitoring system

3D-based digital control system that continuously collects data

from port terminals and visualizes big data integrated information

Key Features of 『 Port Monitoring Digital Twin System』 

  ● Visually implement the status of the terminal to help users monitor
  ● Integrates and displays information received from equipment operated in the port and IoT devices
  ● Visualize operations management information at a glance through data collection
  ● Real-time monitoring of job status and risk notification information
  ● Increase work efficiency and minimize risk factors in conjunction with external equipment such as CCTV

Digital twin concept in connection with port control monitoring technology

1. Terminal structure and resource presentation

Satellite map-based terminal
terrain mapping and visualization


3D modeling of realistic terminal
facilities and equipment


Visualization of 2D terminal information
considering user convenience

Build a digital twin that perfectly reproduces the actual port facility equipment
such as terminal shape and equipment with 3D modeling

● It provides information such as the structure, status, and work status of the terminal so that the user can see it at a glance. It is composed to implement the main facilities and equipment of the terminal on the terrain constructed using GIS data, and to additionally show the necessary information to the user in the form of a UI.

● Various equipment used in the port, such as container chassis, yard tractors, various cranes, empty handlers and reach stackers, are modeled in high quality, and LOD stages are finely adjusted for each component, so that the load is low even when many objects are rendered on the screen.

Visualize by segmenting terminal sections
Realistic representation of the main operating equipment of the terminal

2. Support for IoT connection based on standardization platform

It takes over the location and work status information of port equipment/operators received in real time from standardized platform-based IoT devices.

● In addition to equipment that can receive data directly, such as unmanned transfer cranes, IoT devices are installed in various port equipment that cannot receive location data directly to receive data in real time using the MQTT protocol, and then operate in the port. It has been implemented so that information such as the location and work status of the equipment being used and the work in progress can be linked.

3. Terminal main object identification and operation information display

It is possible to receive information about the equipment being operated in the terminal, and it is possible to implement on the screen so that the user can check the movement and operation conditions of most objects operated in the port, such as containers, at a glance.

● Real-time terminal object location and equipment function display
 by filtering according to equipment classification items

● Filtering according to equipment list and equipment search to display object viewpoint and object location,
 motion and detailed information

4. Terminal operation and analysis information

In order to visualize the work information, which is the core of terminal operation, it organizes a large amount of data received and visualizes the amount of work scheduled to be performed and completed by section and berth in numbers so that users can easily check the work progress. In addition, it has been implemented to facilitate the management and distribution of the workload.

A. Section work history

· Completion of confirmation of section work history and analysis time according to work information
· Current Number of Orders / Average Wait Time for Orders / Maximum Wait Time for Orders

B. Berth work history

· Confirmation of vessel work history is completed according to work information
· Confirmation of work history information for each C/C has been completed
· Ship information, arrival/departure time, operating time by C/C, number of processed, remaining amount, average number of processed

5. CCTV linkage

Existing CCTVs are installed in light posts and unmanned transfer cranes inside the terminal to check the work situation, and links to access the video are provided by location so that you can access the CCTV video in real time when needed.

● Show CCTV location and link address
 when clicked

● Check by moving the web page
 to the internal CCTV link address

6. Information about device status

Containers within a block are too small to select individually and are obscured from each other, so we provide a 2D overlay to select a container on a specific face for each block in the form of a row view and a bay view. Through this, you can check the classification, contents, and operation information of each container.

bay view screen
row view screen
Check container details

7. Risk information management

For major safety-related events such as accidents and risk factors, another important information in terminal operation, it is configured to be output using an overlay on the screen so that the manager can immediately check whether and where a dangerous situation occurs. In conjunction with the alarm system in use, the event is delivered and it is possible to quickly respond to the occurrence of a dangerous situation.

8. Visualization of production forecast information

We visualized the scheduled and current workloads with respect to the required productivity indicators during port terminal operation. In addition, by comparative analysis, the productivity of the entire terminal, specific section, and berth is provided to users in real time, and can be used as data to improve work efficiency.

Productivity display screen

Samwoo Immersion established an efficient port logistics management system with digital twin

Project Investigation - Unreal Engine (Jinyoung Choi | May 17, 2022)

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